A Window into Intangible Heritage

Online Photo Exhibition

  • Traditional CraftsmanshipTraditional Craftsmanship
  • Social Practices, Rituals and Festive EventsSocial Practices, 
Rituals and Festive Events
  • Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and The UniverseKnowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and The Universe
  • Oral traditions and expressionsOral traditions and expressions
  • Performing artsPerforming arts
  • Online Photo ExhibitionOnline Photo Exhibition

Lovely flower basket that my grandma weaves Exciting village festival that everyone waits for Vivid shadow puppets that come to life behind a torch

Intangible cultural heritage (ICH) takes precious memories, and it is still alive around us.

This photo exhibition was prepared with the dedicated collaboration of our friends and partners in the Asia-Pacific region. The displayed photographs were not taken by professional photographers but by local researchers.
Although the photographs are not artistic, they are a window into our living heritages, one that will help us explore the diversity of ICH.

We hope you enjoy exploring ICH through these figurative windows while ICHCAP continues to introduce and promote the cultural diversity of humanity.