Promoting ICH and Raising Awareness

"Development of intangible heritage related content"

To strengthen ICH visibility and raise public awareness, ICHCAP develops ICH contents, publishes multimedia materials, and carries out projects supporting public events, such as performances, exhibitions, and hands on learning sessions on ICH.

Publication of the Quarterly Newsletter ICH Courier and Other ICH Materials
  • ICHCAP publishes quarterly newsletters to introduce Asian and Pacific ICH and safeguarding issues as well as to publicize the Centre's activities.
    • Publication of the ICH Courier
    • 2008–2011 Guidebooks of the 2003 Convention and the UNESCO ICH Lists in Korean
    • 2010–2011 Assisting Publication of the UNESCO ICH List in French and English
    • 2010–2012 Leaflets of the UNESCO ICH Lists in Korean
    • 2013 Two UNESCO Children's Books on ICH in Korean
Promotion of Intellectual Property Rights Related to Informational Materials and Documentation
  • To survey the status of IP issues in the process of ICH information building and sharing in Asia and the Pacific, and to research IP management of ICH information, ICHCAP collaborates with international experts and organizations.
    • 2010 Expert Meeting: Safeguarding ICH and Intellectual Property Rights—Current Trend and Challenges (Seoul)
    • 2011-2012 Field Survey on IP Issues in the Process of ICH Information Building and Sharing
    • 2013 Expert Workshop on ICH Information and Intellectural Property Rights Protection
Public Events on ICH
  • ICHCAP hosts traveling photo exhibitions on ICH inscribed on UNESCO Lists and supports ICH communities to hold public events.
    • 2010 Photo Exhibition of ICH Elements on UNESCO Lists and Important ICH of Korea (Jeonju, Gangneung, Andong, Bucheon, Seoul)
    • 2010 Photo Exhibition of ICH Elements on UNESCO Lists (Ulan Bator, Mongolia)
    • 2011 Photo Exhibition of ICH Elements on UNESCO Lists and Important ICH of Korea (Jeonju, Dangjin)
    • 2012 Photo Exhibition of ICH Elements on UNESCO Lists and Important ICH of Korea (Dangjin)
    • 2013 Photo Exhibition of ICH in Asia and the Pacific: 'Windows to ICH' (Gwangju, Jinju, Seoul)
  • Public Events on ICH01
  • Public Events on ICH02
  • Public Events on ICH03
Development of Multimedia ICH Contents
  • In collaboration with organizations in Asia and the Pacific, ICHCAP develops digital ICH contents and publishes multimedia materials to distribute to international experts and organizations.
    • 2011 Production of the Centre's promotional video, Dream and Passion toward the Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region
    • 2012 Production of the Mongolian ICH CD Set, Sounds from Mongolian Grasslands
    • 2012 Production of the Uzbekistan ICH CD/DVD Set, Intangible Cultural Heritage Elements of Ferghana Valley
    • 2013 Production of the ICH Animation videos for Children: Magic Tour of World's ICH (5 episodes)