Chakkirako is one of performing arts transmitted by the local people openly performed as an annual event or a festival in the community. Among folk performing arts, it belongs to the category of ‘furyu’ with colourful costumes and disguised dances.
Chakkirako has been transmitted by the people in the Misaki community of within Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, located in the eastern part of the main island of Japan.
As the people of this community introduced dances which were popular in other local communities, Chakkirako allegedly began by the mid-eighteen century at latest and was performed by girls as seen today. Some of the dances resemble those performed in the twentieth to fourteenth centuries.
The community transmitting Chakkirako developed as a town of a military port as well as a harbour from a storm for civil ships of other areas.
Mariners visiting this harbour demonstrated dances of other local communities, and the people of this community transformed them into Chakkirako in order to mainly celebrate a happy new year.
Chakkirako is important in that it still retains old popular dances in Japan.
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