Weaving of Mosi (fine ramie) in the Hansan region UNESCO Marks

ICH Domain Traditional craft skills, Representative List
Name of UNESCO List Representative List
Type of UNESCO List
Incribed year in UNESCO List
Local Name 한산모시짜기
Location (Address) Hansan-myeon, Seocheon-gun of Chungcheongman-do is the geographical region for these weaving skills. The Hansan Mosi Weaving Education Centre is located in Hansan which is a major venue for skill training and education.
Name of National List Important Intangible Cultural Heritage
Management Organization of National List Cultural Heritage Administration
Summary Mosi, ramie cloth, has been a popular material for Korean clothing for more than 1,500 years, presenting a positive opportunity to better understand Korean clothing culture. Mosi is an exceptionally breathable cloth providing relief in hot summer weather. Hansan ramie weaving, boasting one of the finest qualities of all other textile materials, requires special weaving techniques.  The area around Hansan-myeon in Seocheon-gun, South Chungcheong Province, contains ideal natural conditions for cultivating healthier ramie plants than in any other location, sparking its development of proprietary weaving methods and production of high quality ramie cloth. Women primarily participated in Hansan ramie weaving and transmitted their skills to their daughters or daughters-in-laws.  Hansan ramie, a traditional Korean summer cloth representing the national aesthetic, contains significant historical value and has been designated as important intangible cultural heritage to safeguard the weaving methods and enhance the visibility of this cultural heritage. Today, Master Bang Yeon-ok is recognized master of Hansan ramie weaving.
Information source http://www.nrich.go.kr

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