Title Major ICHCAP Projects for 2017
Date 2017-02-17 12:02


Governing Board Meeting © ICHCAP 


ICHCAP’s major projects for 2017 were confirmed at the 2016 Governing Board Meeting that took place on 15 December 2016 at UNESCO Hall of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO in Seoul. The meeting was attended by ICHCAP’s thirteen governing board members as well as relevant members of the Cultural Heritage Administration, the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, and other UNESCO ICH category 2 centers from China and Japan as observers. During the meeting, ICHCAP reported the progress and current issues of its 2016 projects, introduced a change in its articles of association and future plans for review, and obtained approval for its 2017 projects. (See the table at the end of the post.) ICHCAP also gained approval for a new strategy for its second phase of operation, which was established to mark its fifth anniversary as a UNESCO category 2 center. The strategy will provide the foundation for another five-year period (2017-2021), following the mid-term plan (2012-2016) based on which ICHCAP has been operating since the center was established in 2011.


ICHCAP received external review by UNESCO for renewing its agreement with UNESCO and reflected the review results while deciding on major projects for 2017. ICHCAP has created strategic initiatives, projects, and programs to enhance planning capabilities. It will endeavor to expand information collection channels and distribute collected information in various forms. It plans to diversify current government-level networks, so there will be a wider range of networks that involve experts, communities, and NGOs. ICHCAP will also enhance cooperation with UNESCO and its regional offices and category 2 centers in carrying out various joint projects, such as educational networking and ICH empowerment workshops in Korea. In addition, ICHCAP will enhance activities that are aligned with global ICH trends and demands of Member States. Such activities include projects associated with sustainable development, ICH NGOs, and multi-language translation of publications for the Asia-Public region.


Through those projects and activities, ICHCAP expects to play a pivotal role for ICH safeguarding activities in the Asia-Pacific region and strengthen its position as a global information networking center.


Approved Projects for 2017 

 Strategic Task (4)

 Practical Task (8)

 Projects & Programs (16)

Activation of ICH Information-Sharing Mechanisms

Disseminating Information on ICH Safeguarding

1.1. Producing Video Contents on Asia-Pacific ICH

1.2. Disseminating Information on ICH Safeguarding Activities

Strengthening Information Capacities in ICH

Strengthening Information Capacities in ICH

2.1. Supporting the Digitization of ICH Recordings

2.2. Strengthening ICT-based ICH Information Capacity

Diversifying and Strengthening ICH Networks

Strengthening Networks among ICH Stakeholders

3.1. Strengthening Networks for Communities and NGOs

3.2. Reinforcing Networks for Experts and Expert Organizations

3.3. Strengthening Educational Networks

Personnel Exchange Programs

4.1. Personnel Exchange Programs

Raising Visibility and Awareness on ICH

Publication of Periodicals and ICH Books

5.1. Publishing ICH Courier and Operating an ICH Correspondent Program

5.2. Publishing Books and Supporting Publications

Support for ICH Events and Awareness Raising

6.1. Supporting ICH Events and Festivals

6.2. Operating Programs for Raising Awareness on ICH

Increasing Efficiency in Planning and Management

Enhancing Capacities for Program Planning

7.1. Reflection of UNESCO Policy and Subsequent Strategy Development

7.2. Supporting Decision-Making Mechanisms

7.3. Developing Future Programs and Strengthen Internal Capacity

Managing Information-sharing Systems

8.1. Maintaining Information-sharing and Management Systems




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